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Are you a Dirty Blonde?

“Absolutely!” laughs Kristen Raskopf, founder and CEO of Dirty Blonde Cocktails. “Being a Dirty Blonde is an attitude. I created Dirty Blonde Cocktails to capture this fun, flirty personality."

What are Dirty Blonde Cocktails?

Sparkling cocktails blending premium white wine & seductive fruit infusions, combining convenience with style and flair.

  • Blended with a flirty combination of bubbly white wine and seductive fruit infusions

  • Clear, sleek bottles with simple screw caps showcase the bold flavor colors

  • Colorful 2-pack totes ideal to grab & go

  • 12% alcohol by volume

How were Dirty Blonde Cocktails created?

"I came up with the idea for Dirty Blonde Cocktails after looking for an alternative to existing margaritas and cosmopolitans – something upscale and effervescent", explains Kristen Raskopf, founder of Dirty Blonde Cocktails. "I had always enjoyed the sparkling bubbles in champagne cocktails, but hated watching unused bottles go flat after mixing only a few drinks, not to mention the time and expense of having to figure out what separate ingredients to buy. It was then that I set out to create an upscale line of sparkling wine cocktails that are stylish, convenient and, most importantly, fun!”

Using personal savings and working out of her Manhattan apartment, Kristen began testing recipes and looking for a bottler. After a year of knocking on doors, a small family winery saw Kristen’s vision and Dirty Blonde Cocktails was born.

Before her exciting journey as a Dirty Blonde, Kristen was a sports and entertainment lawyer at the Manhattan office of a top international law firm. Now, with Dirty Blonde Cocktails, Kristen has been able to realize her dream, while also balancing time with her husband and two sons at their homes in Manhattan and the Hamptons.

Why the name?

"I wanted a brand that would be very distinctive, something fun & flirty, but also a name that I was connected to personally," Kristen explains. So, with her firsthand experience that blondes do indeed have more fun, "Dirty Blonde" emerged as a cheeky way to convey the playful spirit of Kristen's cocktails.

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